Who We Are

A foreword by our Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to Trafford Youth Trust's website.  We are a place-based funder committed to supporting youth sector partners to deliver activities and opportunities to Trafford's children and young people.

Trafford Youth Trust exists to deliver against three core objectives, to:

  1. Invest funding into youth services through grants and contracts
  2. Raise additional investment to benefit Trafford's youth sector and the young people they service
  3. Support the VCSE youth sector to collaborate for the benefit of children and young people

We are proud to be a member of the Association of Charitable Foundations and NCVO.


As a relatively new organisation we are developing organically and we look forward to exploring new relationships with more partners to help us deliver our mission.

If you are interested in collaboration please do get in touch.

Fiona Murray,

Chief Operating Officer


Fiona Murray2

COO's journey

Fiona Murray came to work for Trafford Youth Trust in January 2017 attracted by the a unique space for young people, youth services and funders to engage and collaborate with one another.

Fiona was fortunate to attend two international scholarships as a young person.  This inspired her to support other young people to access personal development opportunities having experienced how these developed her socially, emotionally and professionally.

She has been a member of the Institute of Fundraising since 2008 and worked in ethical fundraising, grantmaking and programme management roles for over fourteen years in the public and voluntary sectors.

Fiona is most passionate about youth development, philanthropy, developing the voluntary sector, and increasing evidence-based practice.

Fiona hopes to begin studying her MSc in Grantmaking, Philanthropy and Social Investment.

She is philanthropic by nature and believes we can all find ways to pay it forward. Whether through volunteering, fundraising or personally donating to local and international causes, she believes it important to consider how to give in the most effective and responsible way.