The Medium Grant Programme is currently closed.

To learn about the Trust's approach to grantmaking and to understand our current priorities please read a copy of the prospectus:


Medium Grants Prospectus 2017



As a necessary part of the application process Trafford Youth Trust will be collecting information about you, including personal data.
Trafford Youth Trust obtains and uses such information as part of the process of assessing grant applications and for monitoring the use of those grants.
From time to time Trafford Youth Trust will share the information with other grant providers, trusts, and charities and external auditors for the following purposes:
• Determining, preventing or detecting crime
• Ensuring that no one individual is receiving multiple grants
• Validating any contract that we may enter into with you
• As part of our external auditing requirements
We will not keep your information on file for longer than we need to. In usual circumstances your information will be removed from the Trust’s database after 7 years.
By submitting your application form you give your explicit consent for us to use data relating to you for the purposes outlined above.