Welcome to Trafford Youth Trust's grant partner zone for medium and large grant partners. 


Here you will find copies of the relevant grant monitoring forms and checklists that the Trust's directors expect you to complete as part of your grant T&Cs.   


Referral information is also shared to help you to access early help for children and young people you are working with that require additional support.


By working together we can track the collective impact being delivered by Trafford's youth sector in helping children and young people to reach their potential. 


The Trust can also begin to build greater knowledge about the strength and needs of the young people and our partners. 


In this zone we share details about how your information will be used and provide a way for you to connect with the Trust. 


If you require additional guidance about completing the forms, please contact



How your monitoring information will be used


Compliance &


The Trust will use your monitoring information to make sure its investments in services are being directed effectively.  Directors will also deepen their knowledge of the young people and the youth partners we fund by examining the information you submit in the reports, which will inform their decision-making regarding future policy and practice.




The Trust may use case studies and draw on highlights from monitoring activities to support its fundraising activities.  This may include sharing details about the organisations we fund with the Trust's donors and supporters, or showcasing work on our website or social media.  There may also be occasions when the Trust's partners are invited to meet the Trust's supporters.


Learning &



The Trust may draw on key themes and issues to identify ways to share learning across the Youth Sector.  They may also consider ways to make connections between the partners we fund through networking and training events.  We will work together to improve young peoples' access to different youth services to meet their needs.

Monitoring Returns


This form has to be completed by medium and large grant partners quarterly.  The first few months into project delivery youth partners have been collecting user and engagement data.

By the 6-month point the Trust is expecting to start seeing evidence of outcomes and by the end of the year evidence of impact.


Presenting information regularly to the Trust's directors provides assurances that projects are going well, whilst giving youth partners the opportunity to discuss issues and highlight good news stories. 


The deadlines for future grant monitoring returns are:

25th June 2018

25th Sep 2018

15th Dec 2018

End of Project*

(*supplementary to evaluation findings for the large grant partners)


Please find attached some guidance on self-evaluation by BBC Children in Need: 






Monitoring Visits

The Trust is keen to develop meaningful and trusted relationships with the youth sector partners we fund.  We will arrange monitoring visits with you to assure that board that you are delivering your project as planned, and to provide you with the opportunity to discuss issues with us or highlight best practice.


Delivering Exemplary Safeguarding

This form helps youth sector partners to keep their safeguarding policy and practice up to date.  If your information about safeguarding changes please use this form to up date us (for example, change of details for your designating safeguarding officer) and keep hold of this in case the Trust wants to see this as part of monitoring visits.


Have you identified a need for early help?

Early Help in Trafford aims to make sure that services to support children, young people and their families are there when they need them.  If you identify a need please see Trafford Council's guidance attached and follow their referral process. 


Understanding the demographic we serve

Please see attached link to an equality monitoring return.  This helps the directors to understand which groups are receiving support through our funding, helping us to identify gaps and direct our resources effectively. 

We would greatly appreciate grant partners completing and returning this form once before the end of the project so that we can build up a picture of the demographics of young people supported through our funding.




Ambassador Visits

From time to time the Trust's directors may wish to visit your project to meet some of the young people you work with.  This presents you with an opportunity to showcase your work in an informal way to our directors.

If you have a particular event that you would like us attend please get in touch.



Working together to showcase

the impact we are making to support

Trafford's children & young people

Our supporters

Our donors like to know who we are funding and what difference w are making to the lives of young people.  If you want to share a good news story get in touch and we can jointly arrange some PR!